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Developing long term relationships


We received an enquiry, on our web site, from Andrew Lightowler, Lindt’s Trade Sector Manager. The enquiry was in relation to two exhibitions that the company was attending. Following receipt of a detailed brief, an initial meeting was set up to pitch some basic concepts and to investigate further, the balance between Lindt, the corporate brand and Lindt, the product, that can often end up in the corner shop.

During discussions, the client outlined the key brand aims to be reflected in their trade show presence, namely:-

  • to be regarded as the everyday accessible luxury chocolate brand in the UK
  • to take ownership of the premium chocolate category
  • to create an emotional rather than a functional connection to the brand (ie a love for chocolate)

We have handled many stand builds and refurbishments for Lindt, and to this day are one of our most prestigious clients.

We were asked to develop a stand design that addressed a number of issues:-

  • to reflect the premium nature of the brand and it’s positioning in the market
  • to provide a more controlled approach to sampling
  • to employ reusable stand components with modular elements, so that a variety of size formats could be accommodated throughout the tradeshow programme

In keeping with the brand values an elegant, contemporary style was proposed. A linking fascia, with high level branding and built in lighting to the underside, would complement the core product displays and would be built in sections to use on different size stands.

A sampling table would be incorporated to prevent a ‘free for all’ approach, while a wood effect floor covering would bring through the golden tones of the graphics.

In addition to the design concepts presented, project management and cost visibility processes for the programme, were demonstrated and became important factors in securing the contract.

Client profile:
“Master chocolatier since 1845”

Lindt is the No1. premium chocolate manufacturer in the UK and globally.
The client was very impressed with the initial proposals, particularly with our understanding of their brand positioning. Andrew Lightowler continues, “the flexibility and modularity of the design have created stand solutions that have worked extremely well throughout the year and have enabled Lindt to attend a total of nine, successful exhibitions, in various size formats. They are a professional, effective exhibition team and provide great service, from supporting our merchandising programme, through to the largest builds.”

Andrew Lightowler – Trade Sector Manager

This relationship has developed since 2011 with various stands being built at many B2B and B2C shows throughout the UK.

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