What to exhibit

What Should Your Business Exhibit?

Before you decide to go to an exhibition, you need to think about exactly what you will exhibit. How you engage with your potential customers is also an important part of the exhibiting process. What do you know about the type of space available to you? Is it Shell Scheme or Space Only or do you need your own display to fill that space? Here are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself to work out what to exhibit and how to do it.

  • Why are you exhibiting?
  • Where and when are you exhibiting?
  • What have you done before and what worked?
  • What do you want to display?
  • Who will be “manning” your stand?
  • Who is your audience and what do they expect?
  • What is your budget?

The answer to these questions will help establish exactly what your requirements are and determine the form your exhibition space should take. There is nothing worse than an over-designed exhibition space that has little purpose and doesn’t work for the exhibitor or the visitor. Equally an under-designed space that has little thought behind its organisation has a reduced chance of success.

This space is meant to accentuate your company’s strengths, enable your team to move effortlessly through that space, guide visitors onto the stand and encourage them to engage with your staff and interact with your company. In essence it is an extension to your onsite team and needs perform as well as any other member in the company story telling.

It is the responsibility of the designer to relay your requirements through to the design. They will use best practice and up to date marketing research to ensure they are designing a stand that is based on current trends and proven techniques. They will chose design elements that are suitable for your target audience, venue regulations and budget to produce a design that best fits your goals and represents your company ethos and values.

Their designs will only be as good as the information provided so give us as much detail as possible, with links to your website or online brochure, listing things that you like or have worked in the past. Contact us.

Once you and your designer have decided what you want to exhibit it is time to think about how to exhibit to achieve exhibition success.